Pre-Trip Checklist


Pre-Trip Checklist: Outside | Inside | Automotive | Additional Items to Check | Driving and Operations Tips

  • Disconnect and Stow
    a. Shore Power Cord
    b. City Water Connection Hose
    c. Sewer Hose
  • Check all exterior lights for operation and damage
  • Check wheel lugs for tightness
  • Check tires for correct air pressure
  • Check and lock all exterior compartments and filler doors
  • Check and secure all items stored on the exterior of the coach
  • Check the areas around, below and above the coach for obstacles to move or avoid when driving away
  • Turn main LP gas valve OFF
  • Check awnings for lock position
  • Check that the leveling jacks have fully retracted
  • Check that the TV antenna is fully retracted
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  • Lock the entrance door
  • Close all windows and vents
  • Clear and stow all loose articles from counters, range, sinks and shelves
  • Check that no heavy items are stowed in overhead cabinets. Store large or heavy objects in lower cabinets
  • Close and secure the bathroom door, shower door, all cabinet doors and all drawers
  • Turn off all interior lights
  • Check that the entrance step has retracted
  • Adjust the interior and exterior automotive mirrors
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  • Check that all fluid levels are normal; oil, coolants, power steering, batteries, transmission, windshield, washer, etc.
  • Check generator oil level and coolant level
  • Check operation of turn signals, emergency flashers and tail lights
  • Check that headlight high and low beam operate
  • Check horn operation
  • Start engine and check all gauges for proper operation
  • Check fuel levels
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  • Check operation of special equipments such as; C.B. radio, rear monitor etc.
  • Start generator and check 120V system
  • Check that the fire extinguisher is fully charged
  • Check smoke detector battery
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  • Be aware of the weight and length of your motor home and always allow for those factors when accelerating, stopping and running
  • Be aware of the height of your motor home and be careful around trees and buildings with overhangs
  • Use only fuel recommended by the engine manufacture
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